Below you can find a short introduction to my research topic and a publication list. Also have a look at my PhD thesis.

My research is best described as security and cryptography for the real world. It consists of a combination of security architectures, protocol design, provable security and implementations for concrete applications. In past work, we showed the potential of optimising protocols for lightweight devices, analysed several protocols and formalised security properties. We also presented several new, ground-breaking protocols which each are the most efficient of their kind while still achieving provable security and privacy properties.

Throughout my research I prefer a very broad approach, ranging from theoretical results (provable security, protocol design) to applied aspects (understanding and solving real-life problems, implementation, development, standardization). Applications that I have studied include RFID protocols, ePassports, biometric databases and template protection, private matching, online voting, voter registration, mobile authentication, obfuscation and compilers, IoT…

List of publications (excl. software, project reports)




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