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I am currently a postdoctoral researcher at the COSIC group, department of Electrical Engineering, KU Leuven. My main research topic is security and cryptography for the real world. More specifically I work on the analysis and design of protocols, human-computer interaction in security and, in general, overall security architectures and solutions for challenging applications such as authentication and voting. I was involved in several large research projects and also in applied projects, such as the development of authentication solutions and online and paper-trail elections. I’m currently the CEO of nextAuth, a spin-off company of KU Leuven on secure, privacy friendly and usable mobile authentication.

I obtained my PhD in 2012 from KU Leuven on the subject “Lightweight public key cryptography”. I developed a new model to evaluate and prove RFID privacy. Using this model we developed several new protocols for a wide range of applications, such as entity authentication, key establishment, distance bounding, grouping proofs and attribute matching. Next to these protocols I developed several efficient implementations of algorithms for cryptography and cryptanalysis.

In 2008 I graduated as Master in Mathematical Engineering from KU Leuven with the greatest distinction (summa cum laude) and the congratulations of the examination committee. For my Master’s thesis on “Optimisation of inland shipping” I received the Jos Schepens Memorial Fund award.

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Jens Hermans
COSIC – KU Leuven
jens.hermans _at_ esat.kuleuven*dot*be

CEO nextAuth nv
jens.hermans _at_ nextauth*dot*com